Just out of the water from your morning dip, you’re in time watch the dawn mist evaporate above the mountains, the Sierra Almijaras. A stroll back towards the patio and the house where the smell of coffee beckons, you’ll walk past lemon & orange trees, the fluttering in the palm trees might be the dates falling to the ground or possibly one of the brown squirrels scampering from tree to tree with their morning meal. Past the pond with its frogs chirping along and the fish serenely gliding around in the crystal clear wate you notice a little toad crossing your path, at a snail’s pace. Then there’s the chamalion hiding behind its favourite tree not to mention the lizards who prefer the noctural life when the patio is illuminated overnight.

It’s difficult to describe the gardens of El Monte Bajo other than to say they’ve taken more than 20 years to create and enjoy visits twice a week from Nerja’s favourite gardener. Suffice to say, if you appreciate charm, want to experience tranquility in a natural environment among your friends or family, the outdoors of this precious farmhouse tropical garden will meet not just your needs, but your dreams.

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Our other property is Al Ladino