El Monte Bajo 2015

We’ve just finished a full renovation of the lounge at El Monte Bajo. Local stone, 500 year old oak, specialist carpenters & stoneworkers all contributing to enhance the rustic farmhouse feel. The photo was taken on 21 March 2015.

mbx 1

And below, how it looked back in November 2014 before we started the refurbishment and below that, with the roof off prior to Christmas 2014.


mbx-refurb 1

mbx 4

Above is a photo of the french patio doors which open out onto a small shaded patio, it will be a quiet tranquil place out of the sun during the warmer months of the year.

mbx 5

Above a couple of photos on the wall in the corner of the lounge, the bottom on is the poet Federico Garcia Lorca who’s family have had connections with Nerja going back many years

mbx 3

From the central room, looking towards Nerja and the mountains, you can now peek into the lounge through the antique ‘rejas’ metal bars.

mbx 6

Below the antique window is a corner table top between the sofas, the ‘mesita’ is made out of reclaimed timbers

mbx 2

The lounge and the dining room are separated by an old style wall, orange ‘piedra’ stones, cemented together to give a feel of age. It is illuminated by night taking the shadows up to the newly elevated ceilings.

579kb nightshot

This is a nighttime shot from the roof, looking south east towards Nerja. To me it is enchanting.

El Monte Bajo – weeks available in 2015

18 April – 9 May
22 Aug – 5 Sept
17 Oct – 31 Oct

The neighbouring Al Ladino www.alladino.com has the following availability for 2015

28 March – 1 April (4 days)
2 – 9 May
19 Sept – 31 Oct