About us

We are a dedicated team with different skills and experience to make your stay memorable.  We’ve been together many years, taking pride in what we do and being faithful to the local tradition of warm hospitality.


Passionate and obsessive about the heritage and architecture of Andalucia, ‘Dani’ happened across El Monte Bajo some 20+ years ago and was so knocked out by its potential. He handles bookings and is the interface between guests and the team.


is in charge of the cleaning agenda, the shopping and the laundry. With an eagle eye, she is assertive, sensitive and accommodating to the needs of guests.


More than 15 years at El Monte Bajo looking after general maintenance, a first responder to problems and an expert on swimming pools. A native of Barcelona but an ‘aficionado’ of Real Madrid. Jose is slightly unconventional and enormously talented.


Bea knows El Monte Bajo, back to front, she brings a warm optimistic energy to us and always knows what’s needs instinctively if something is out of place or ‘not quite right’. She’s part of the fabric of the property and the team a few years back.


His blend of talent includes creativity, patience and hard work. Originally from Mendoza, the ‘Malbec region’ of Argentina, his task is big & he can’t do on his own so he calls on ‘hermano’ Alejandro  with Antonio bringing more southern American flavour.